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You didn't even post the good parts...

* Princess_Kelsey is now known as Princess_Sophia
<Haz_Hate_Work> telesales
<Princess_Sophia> lol
* Princess_Ke1sey is now known as Digital_Ice
<Princess_Sophia> does princess sophia want to come out and play?
<Haz_Hate_Work> that said, I'm fucking good at it
<Princess_Sophia> p-princess sophia
<Princess_Sophia> oooh nooo
<Digital_Ice> eeep
<Foeni> how do you think meeting at the job at 6am is haz?
<Digital_Ice> telesales
<Digital_Ice> the only job worse than tech support
<Haz_Hate_Work> ouch...that's WAY worse Foeni
<Haz_Hate_Work> lol
<Princess_Sophia> if you're gonna name got it name it something manly like spike or butch or krull
<Foeni> yeah...
<Haz_Hate_Work> my best mate works in IT Support
<Princess_Sophia> what did you say?
<Princess_Sophia> Spike?
<Princess_Sophia> no before that
<Foeni> luckily I don't that more than twice a week
<Princess_Sophia> butch
<Princess_Sophia> no before that
<Princess_Sophia> krull?
<Princess_Sophia> mmhmm
<Princess_Sophia> krull...krull the warrior king
* Foeni is now known as King
<Haz_Hate_Work> I can't stand 6:15 starts
<Haz_Hate_Work> I hate mornings
<Princess_Sophia> does Krull the warrior king want to come out and play?
<Haz_Hate_Work> hate hate mornings. Unless I get a sale nice and early and then I love it
<Digital_Ice> erm
<Digital_Ice> foeni
<Digital_Ice> king foeni
<King> why?

The beginning of the convo was super...but I'm too lazy to scroll up and get it
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