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Why people should come on IRC more often

* Emperor wins
* Prince is now known as God
* God wins
<Queen> heh
* Emperor is now known as Satan
* Satan wins
<Queen> god is my reserve screenname
* God wins
<DoesKrulltheWarriorKingWanttoC> dang beat me to God
* Satan slaps God around a bit with a large trout
* Queen is now known as Buddah
<DoesKrulltheWarriorKingWanttoC> nooo...i wanna be Satan
<DoesKrulltheWarriorKingWanttoC> well thats gay
* Buddah sits on god and satan
* God laughs at Satan's dreams
* DoesKrulltheWarriorKingWanttoC is now known as Allah
<Buddah> and squashes them
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