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Originally Posted by hazzle
Damnit! So he did Fair point...

So that takes care of the bandwidth argument, the only thing left would be the argument that it'd ruin the look of the site...if that's the sole thing...why not do a poll to see how many people would actually take advantage of a 100x100 avatar? If it's a rough 50-50 split (or even more in favour of a 100x100 size), then do a trial phase and see how it looks. If, of course, most people would stay with 80x80, then all of this discussion is pointless anyway
It would not really take care of the bandwidth, it will raise a bit because if everyone changes to 100x100pix you’ll see that the size of the avatar folder will raise with 30% or something.
The amount of bandwidth that those avatars generate is pretty small. You also have to know that most of those avatars are in your computers internet cache and not get re-downloaded once you have it on your computer. Try to open offline and you'll see.

Anyway, thought I don’t really care about how big our avatars are I think that the amount of bandwidth that gets generated by it is minimal.

Originally Posted by acliff
Post more crap?
So what exactly do we do most of the time?

In this time of interest, with pride and prejudice coming out, and domino due soon, having a post count would most certainly cause people to post more. I'm sure the people with high post counts would try and vye for the greatest posts, but we know the people at the top post total crap anyway.

I'd rather have more people posting, that we could moderate and lock, than have no new people in a stagnant, but highly viewed forum.
People love drama,
you'll get more newbie’s post crap,
Baz will get more page views and earn more money.
And I an probably a few others won't be bothering anymore to read threads because its "too" full of crappy posts.
But if the moderators moderate enough and cause a lot of “drama” than it will be funny to read I suppose
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