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Originally Posted by Flightfreak
using Jasmine her example again:
100x100pix Jpg Quality -> 95% size:12kb
80x80pix Jpg Quality -> 95% size:6kb

I don't think we need 5 kb more.
Err, that's a 6kb difference mate Unless you're suggesting we'd need a more than 5kb hike.

Originally Posted by acliff
Post more crap?
So what exactly do we do most of the time?

In this time of interest, with pride and prejudice coming out, and domino due soon, having a post count would most certainly cause people to post more. I'm sure the people with high post counts would try and vye for the greatest posts, but we know the people at the top post total crap anyway.

I'd rather have more people posting, that we could moderate and lock, than have no new people in a stagnant, but highly viewed forum.
He has a good point to be fair. Most posts these days seem to be from the established folk and very few from the new ones, and with P & P out there's bound to be the same hike in new members as there was when every other KK movie has come out. Better to have them posting, even if it ends up needing locks, than to just not have the posts there. For every 5 you might have to lock you might end up getting one really good thread that makes it worthwhile.

Originally Posted by Jasmine
Here's my question for the admins and whoever else: is it possible to raise the allowed demensions without raising the max kb?...or is that completely impossible?
I believe so (although I'm not knowledgeable enough to say for certain) but as with Flightfreak when he resized your images, if you keep the quality the same, and just resize, then logically it will increase the size of the file. You could, however, reduce the quality when you save the file and deal with it that way.
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