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Originally Posted by Flightfreak
To use Jasmines example:
Jasmine I don't know what program you used but when i resized your 100pix to 80pix it did not look that crappy.
Oh I know what happened with mine. In photoshop when I open the file itself and reize it, it resizes is crappy. But if I copy and paste it into a new window it resizes more smoothly...dont know why that is.

Anyways. As with that particular example, reizing doesnt affect it that much--only having spent a lot of my time and effort in making these, sacraficing some of the quality makes me feel like my work is being put to waste.

Originally Posted by Flightfreak
Anyway, the size of the avatar does not change anything to the websites bandwidth, well it does, but Baz set a max. of kb for avatars (19.5 KB) So its all relative. if they don't change the max size in kb for avatars but allow 100pix avatars then I don't see a problem.
Here's my question for the admins and whoever else: is it possible to raise the allowed demensions without raising the max kb?...or is that completely impossible?

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