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Originally Posted by Flightfreak
Let the avatar size like it is. Every site has other rules if it comes to avatar sizes. Maybe in an other month we will be having someone who is used to use a 120x120 pix avatar on an other forum. 80x80 is good. resizing an avatar takes how long? 1min

Adding the post count back would make people post more crap I think. because they want to have a higher post count or something. now you can check the amount of posts in the profile.
Post more crap?
So what exactly do we do most of the time?

In this time of interest, with pride and prejudice coming out, and domino due soon, having a post count would most certainly cause people to post more. I'm sure the people with high post counts would try and vye for the greatest posts, but we know the people at the top post total crap anyway.

I'd rather have more people posting, that we could moderate and lock, than have no new people in a stagnant, but highly viewed forum.
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