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Originally Posted by Liam
You are missing the point.

KKW has a set bandwidth cap. If we exceed this cap, we are offline for the remainder of the paid month. With the number of users of the forum, plus all the lurkers - all of whom download the avatars to their computer when they visit, the 5-10k difference begins to add up. The forums themselves use a fair chunk of our monthly bandwidth as is. I'm sure everyone would rather have 80x80 and a working site than 100x100 and a site offline for 7 days a month.
(alright well maybe i missed that point because nobody ever really brought it up...) So you really think that 20 pixels will make that much of a difference? I know that you have a lot of users and lurkers and whatnot, but why do the avatars have to use up kkw bandwidth? In other boards I'm at people can link to off-site avatars that are hosted elsewhere and use that bandwidth. Is this not possible at KKW? I mean I'd have no problem hosting my stuff on photobucket or whatever.

Originally Posted by Liam
And besides, why change something that isnt broken?
Because it inconveniences some people.

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