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My body is numb,
The fever of retribution burns.
The cruelnessof your bitterness
Towards the one I love
Fills me with an anger
I cannot control.

Whenever I close my eyes I can see the perfection of your being peering out at me filling me with desire and longing, to run my fingers through your hair, to be intoxicated by your perfume, to twine our bodies as one to know only love, not to hide behind my armour filled with self doubt depressed wanting to be ever near.


Numb to all around me,
I stumble on unfeeling,
Shoulders slumped,
A burden I care not
To unload.
Tears well up my eyes
Yet do not fall.
Silent sobs fill my
My pillow at night.
I wallow in my
Opressive and overbearing

I raise my arms to the sky as the storm clouds billow and blow.
My anger flows like lightning strikes as the tears mix with the rain.
Scared I stumble on wondering
why you don't feel the same as I do.


We stand tall and strong
As we stride across the land
Stalking the shadows,
Defying the light.
Whispered upon the wind
And amid the thundering
Of hooves,
A Dhubglas, A Dhubglas,
Making lesser men tremble,
For the dragon is awake
Unleashed upon the land.
Friends are the family we choose.
Life is not measured by how many breaths we take, but by how many times our breath is taken away.
Love conquers all, let us too,yield to love!
To deny love is to deny life.
Love is as necessary as oxygen.
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