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I hear the music of your heart all night and day.
I close my eyes and move in time.
Body's pressed flesh t oflesh.
Lost in each other, the moment
Of passion upon us,
Two lovers oblivious to the world.

As the time grows nearer,
My heart aches more and more,
Supressed desire struggles
To Break free.

Distant Memories vividly fill
My mind.
The music of days gone by
Fill my dreams.

The fever of longing
Consumes me,
Burning to see you again.

Night of Passion

I kiss your pouty lips,
Eagerly pressing tight against you.
Passion igniting desire,
Fingers fumbling, tearing,
At each others cloth's.
Moving in time, body's trembling
To the rythem of our love.
Cry's of passion flow
From our lips,
As the fire of ecstacy
Builds and Builds
Until it explodes,
Washing over us
Wave after wave.


Tears burn my cheeks,
Rain pours over me
As I walk, lost to the world.
I fell hard,
Harder than an Angel
From Heaven
Hurtling headlong into Hell.
I could not help myself
Love knows no boundary's.
Denial ate at me,
Depressed and alone,
I hoped for what I knew
Could never be.

Broken Pieces

I hold you tight to me,
As your body trembles,
The tears you shed in your sleep
I gently wipe away.

Your pain heavy upon your soul,
Eating away at you.
I reach out in love
Only to be angrily pushed away.

Can't you see?
The denial keeps us
From putting together
The Broken Pieces.
Friends are the family we choose.
Life is not measured by how many breaths we take, but by how many times our breath is taken away.
Love conquers all, let us too,yield to love!
To deny love is to deny life.
Love is as necessary as oxygen.
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