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The black waters gently lap at the edges of existance,
Cruel indifference from those around me,
My fragile world shattering, fractured relationships
I call for help, wanting to be held, comforted,
Gentle words of caring and love whispered in my ear,
Overcoming the pain I inflict upon myself,
Hurting others to hide my own.


It pains me whenever I see you,
I desire more than the melodic
Tones of your voice,
The smoldering desire for you
That makes me tremble.
To be in your arms
To feel that warm embrace.
Will you love me in return?
How I long to be in someone
Else's shoes.
Most of all I want to be in your arms.


My throat clamps down tight, choking the words.
You stare at me, puzzled, wondering, "Are you stalking me?"
I desire to burst free of my skin,
All loose, unfitting, a cover hiding what is buried
Deep beneath the exterior,
Hopes and dreams simple desires,
A need to share, wanting to spend time
If only for those brief moments between us.


The wind howled and the buildings groaned, black mists slithered about,
Drunken laughter rang harshly upon ones ear, Flickering torches points
of hellfire marking the paths of hell.
Filth raining upon the saintly, despair and desperation's foul stench sour
upon the wind,
Hope is blackened and bruised chained, desperately straining at its
Cries of mercy fall on death ears the heavy tramp of jackbooted
conformity crushing the spirit of individualism.

Cold rain pours out of the heavens, drowning me in despair,
Thunder rumbles and lightning flash's,
Harbinger's of the suffering yet to come.
My salty tears, bitter on my lips, mingle with tracks of rain water
Running down my cheeks.
My heart aches, my guts twisted, roiling, churning, bubbling,
With the anguish and pain I feel.
You were never to know how I felt, I only desired to love you
From afar. I never wanted to hurt you. I knew that you would never return
My love, and yet I could not torture and deny myself what I desired.
I seeth with anger at those who ridiculed and exsposed my obsession,
Looked upon as a joke, my blood boils, hate makes me tremble,
The thirst for vengeance cannot be quenched.
Those that have debased me shall pay.
Friends are the family we choose.
Life is not measured by how many breaths we take, but by how many times our breath is taken away.
Love conquers all, let us too,yield to love!
To deny love is to deny life.
Love is as necessary as oxygen.
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