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In My Dreams

I drudge home from work,
My shoulders slumped, Aching
From their toils.
The sky is cold and grey, The
Walls of the buildings unfeeling.
My neighbors coldly eye me, As
I tromp by their doors, Beady
Eyes shining dull,
No spark in their lives.
The lifelessness of my sanctuary,
Bares down depressingly upon me,
Oppression fills the surroundings.
Doom and gloom fill my ears
As the talking heads blabber on.
World weary I strip and slide
Beneath the covers, Welcoming
The darkness that drowns my
Pathetic daily exsistance.
As my eyes grow heavy, my mind
Drifts away, the depressing grey
Replaced by warmth and gay
In the distance I see you,
Full of life, filled with laughter.
My legs leadened by my
Existance resist at first,
Then slowly my body moves
Towards your glowing brilliance.
Trembling I reach out to
Grasp you, to clasp you
To me.
Only a little farther to go
Almost within reach,
Tragedy, heartless and cruel, you
Slip away, disappearing from sight.
My eyes open heavy with sleep,
The dispair of work beckons,beating
Down upon me, cruelly,

You appear before me as clear as day,
A sultry stare, a sensous pout,
Beconing to me from the pages of a magazine.
The lilt of your voice teases my ears
Drifting to mefrom the screen.
My heart quickens in anticipation,
The wind in my lungs escaping in sighs,
My body trembles, overcome with
In my sleep we laugh and cry and
Share tender moments,
Quiet times, caught up in each other
Ignoring the realities of all
Around us.
The desire to connect, fueled by the
Gods of Lost Causes.
To be by your side, to hold you in my
To get to you.

Shattered Illusions

I once gazed upon you
With awe and love,
A snap of your fingers,
I was at your side,
Eager to please,
Hungry in my devotion.
My dignity sacrificed,
For what I thought was love.
Blind to reality or reason,
Full of dillusions and uncaring.
I am now broken,
A faint whisper of my former shell.
Fueled by Anger,
And a lust to redeem myself.
I burn to make you hurt,
Hurt as I do.
To exspose your insecurities,
Stripping away the facade of happiness,
Happiness that is only skin deep,
Revealing your hollow and empty core.

The Coming of the Shadow

For a brief time we lived openly,
Without a care in the world.
Our days were filled with laughter
And Joy.
Our nights, smoldering Passion.

Softly at first,
Only a whisper upon the wind,
A gentle voice,
Chastizing our lives, Pleading,
That we cease in our sins.

Without thought, our lives continue,
The voice grows,
Now a shout, no longer gentle,
Full of anger,
Gloating in its Rightousness.

Lost in our love, To late,
We remain silent,
As we are quietly locked away,
Out of sight.

Seperated from my love,
I cry out in anguish,
Lash out in anger and hate.
I plead and beg,
Taunted by my captors.

Beaten and whipped,
I call out to my love,
Desperate to hold them
To my breast,
Longing to feel their
Tender caress'.

Hypocrites all,
I defy their morality,
I embrace who I am,
Though I live in
A world full of hate.


You caught my eye
Walking down the hall,
A bolt of lightning
Straight to the heart.
My blood raced,
My heart fluttered,
I was overcome
With desire.
I longed To carress
Your limbs,
Plant sweet kisses
On your lips.
All while I Wish
For the world,
To recognize
My love,
A love I can't help,
I've been thunderstruck.

This next one is an untitled piece I did at work one day.

I remember the taunts,
The cruel laughter
Echoing in my ears.
Dreaming of one
Who doesn't even
Know me.
I lock myself away,
Taking comfort
From tender words,
Burned upon a screen.
Friends are the family we choose.
Life is not measured by how many breaths we take, but by how many times our breath is taken away.
Love conquers all, let us too,yield to love!
To deny love is to deny life.
Love is as necessary as oxygen.
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