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Re: Robspierre's Poetry Corner
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Returning Home

Misty mornings, grey upon green hills,
Waves booming upon unseen shores,
Smoke lazily drifts, embers black and orange,
I shoulder my burden, staff in hand.
The familiar crunch beneath my boots,
Stride strong and sure, measured,
Carrying me towards that distant place.

Long have I been gone. Running,
Always running, easier Not to face
The pain and suffering I caused.
Unkind the years have been,
Scars and grey hairs, marks of distinction,
Badges paid for with blood.
Little to show for the years of hardships endured,
Just bits of metal and cloth, reminders,
Not of god and glory, but that I lived
To see another day.

Days Distant Past

Cold winter winds howl down off the mountains,
Huddled near the fire, I leach warmth,
From cackling flames to warm my bones.
Drowsy lids close over visions
Of days gone by.
Green hills covered with heather, warm gentle breezes,
Your laughter, musically echoing off the mauntain side,
Cold waters bubble and gurgle, spalshing over,
Rocks and logs.
Unbound joy, frolicing, teasing, finally collapsing,
Our breath short and ragged, cheeks flushed.
No worries, no concerns, for that one moment,
Our world that little slice of heaven on earth.

The Hypocrite

You stand before me preaching fiery words,
Your fists pounding home the message of dammnation,
You tell me I'll burn for my decision's.
Morally unfit to joined the saved,
Who are you to tell me how to live?
A controlling viper,
Your coils wound tightly about the sheep
Who follow blindly.
Moral standards the dirty lie,
Silly rules to sow fear and give you
Power over others.
Denying happiness and pleasure,
You wallow in decadent excess,
Hidden from watchful eyes.
Weak willed, unwilling
To take responsibility for yourself,
In need of validation,
Hurting others to feel good about yourself.

Tender Moments

As the world around us rush's headlong
Into the mouth of madness.
Bombarded by messages of anger and hate
Spewing from the lips of the moral.
People living in perpetual fear,
Broken down, spirits beaten.
Obey,conformity,one belief,
Watchwords of the day.
Originality,individualism,differing opinions,
Marks of abomination.
All is forgotten if only for a little while,
A ray of hope shining bright, building,
From those tender moments shared.
Friends are the family we choose.
Life is not measured by how many breaths we take, but by how many times our breath is taken away.
Love conquers all, let us too,yield to love!
To deny love is to deny life.
Love is as necessary as oxygen.
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