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The reason I want the size to be raised to 100x100 is because I make LiveJournal icons that are that size like these. Many of those LJ icons have details that are ruined if resized..

For example, the avatar I'd like to use is:

Resize that to 80x80 and you get:
<-- ew. completely ruins it.

Some of you say that it would ruin the uniform look of everyone having the same size avatar... well, as of now, we're allowed to have avatars that are 80x80px or smaller. Mine is smaller so... right now the "uniform look" is being thrown off by people who use avatars smaller than 80x80. My avatar right now is like 30px bellow 80 & you guys aren't getting freaked out about that. So why would it matter if some people chose to have their avatars 20px larger?

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