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Originally Posted by apoggy
i'm against some having 80x80 and some 100x100, it would make everything look disjointed, unaligned and generally messy.

have a 100x100 avatar you want to use? Resize it damn it.
No offence mate but I think she's said elsewhere that the one's she's using IS a resized 100x100 but it doesn't look as good as it does in 100x100 because it looks squished.

She's just saying she'd like to use it as it's full size, I don't think she was being demanding, just asking a question.

That said, I'm against a mix and match approach too. Either everyone has 100x100 or noone. Unless you want to make it so mods/admins have 100x100? I've seen avatars used to distinguish mods/admins from conventional members on other forums so it might work...
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