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Originally Posted by Kyle_West
I am one of the only remaining virgins in this age group in the states. I'd say 85% of 16 year olds (at least where I live) have screwed.....This thread reallly isn't going well. I think two people gave an answer other than "who knows"
Actually, you just think that 85% have lost their virginity. All my friends and I are still virgins....and some of my friends are pretty good looking and have girlfriends but choose not to have sex. I'd say 25% of 16 year olds have had sex. Some people just lie about it to be accepted.

Originally Posted by Archimedes
BJ - 1-2 minutes
P in the V - 3-6 minutes
P in the B - 4-6 minutes
That's probably the funniest thing Ive ever read. "P in the V" "P in the B"
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