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Ok...England...spanked Croatia...should've been an even bigger margin and they only looked dangerous on set fact the first free kick leading to the goal never was, but unlike the Dutch we're not whinging moaners. :P

No, Ruud should never have gotten the pen in that game...he went down quicker than a cheap hooker.

The Czechs deserved to BATTER the Dutch who probably should've gotten beaten by the Germans...lucky Dutch to even be in with a shout, in my view.

I'm still holding out hope that the Latvians do them...they're capable of it...the front man Verpakovskis was superb so far.

As for Portugal...pathetic...Ronaldo is an over-rated pile of donkey dung and will be shown up for the rat-faced, make-up laden earring-clad tosser he is when he comes up against class defenders like England have...when he did come up against Carles Puyol he wasn't good enough and had to be switched against the ineffective Raul Bravo.

We should've beaten France, who were very fortunate...on the basis of the fact we showed against France what we can do, we showed against the Swiss that we can grind out a result, and against the Croats that we can fight back without panicking, we have all we need to we have the best young player in Europe...ROONALDO!!!!! What can't that kid do?

With Scholes back to goalscoring, he'll be the force he's been for United of late. We have it all set up. In fact, analysing the group, we were robbed by France, and we bettered their results against the Swiss and why the heck can't we win it? The French are the holders ffs.

The only teams to play better than England have been the Swedes, Danes and the Czechs...6 points from 2 games is a very good record, and contrary to what the biased tango-drinking freaks that support Holland will tell you, the Czechs deserved to win. Ruud's goal was offside, incidentally, even with the new analysis! He was never, at any stage in the move, so much as in line.

Trust me, I've watched every game of Euro 2004 so far and England have few teams to fear...the only team that can beat us, is us ourselves. We have the second biggest support out in Portugal, second only to the hosts, and we have the best young talent in Europe.

We have all we need to win this...Portugal will actually be easier than the Greeks (simply because of their 4-2-3-1 formation which will suit us) and after that we have few teams to fear. We'll get France again in the final, and do to them what they did to us...steal victory right from under their noses...
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