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Originally Posted by Neras
I felt that it needed to be done...

This year I have a flatmate who has no idea what the term 'volume' means... He puts his music (rap, hip hop, etc) on at stupid times at full volume. I've asked him to keep it down, but he just ignores me. So now, whenever he puts his music on, I deafen myself by using my PC to play Metallica at full volume.

He's either going to keep his volume down or attack me soon. I'm not sure which...
Oh, I have audio battles all the time. Best bit being that my little speakers make as much noise as the ones he spent a fortune on. Win.

Bloke nextdoor from me likes to play all sorts of random music at all sorts of random hours of the day, preferably with both the frontdoor and the door that leads into the hallway inside wide open. This is were playing Sunburn at obscene volumes comes in. There's no beating that and he knows it. He generally turns it down after a 'subtle' hint like that.
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