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Originally Posted by Hazzle
Great point. Kerplunk was what got me into them, although Dookie just confirmed the brilliance.

Any "fan" who wasn't one before American Idiot was released need to be shot in the face. Repeatedly.

Speaking of music...people who suddenly think it's cool to hate Coldplay just because they became so popular. Or anyone who hates any band for that reason. How can you hate a band for becoming so good that everyone loves their music?
Probably don't want to be in a group which contains 13 year old girls (there's a lot of them). I've had to come to the terms I like the same music they like after listening to A Rush Of Blood To The Head on repeat (I still maintain it is better than X&Y).
Originally Posted by Ardnax
Don't listen to Jet, he's mean to everybody.

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