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Depth? Pffft....depth is for hosers. Most character development will be handled through dialogue, so who knows. This is mainly an action movie, with a slim plot. I've seen plenty of movies, and my biggest complaint about most action movies is that they spend too much time working on their horrible plot. I did not pay to see an action movie so I could watch the white cop and his funky black assistant moan about their personal lives.

If I had a chance to make one film, it would be a pure, visceral ninja movie. No plot whatsoever. It's a kickass ninja mowing down wave after wave of anonymous henchman. He'd run around a city, fucking up anything he wanted to. It's pure cinema, it's entertainment, no fluff, no filler, just action. It would have to be a fairly short film, since non-stop action grows tiresome after awhile, but it'd be great anyway. Plus, we haven't had a good ninja movie in many, many years. I think we're due.
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