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Originally Posted by EmotionSickness
Bottom line, I just don't want Pirates to do to Keira and her popularity/demand what Star Wars has done to Natalie Portman (although, she is now redeeming herself with movies like Garden State and Closer). Before anyone says anything -- YES I am aware that Star Wars made Natalie Portman more famous than ever, but not necessarily in the best kind of way. Certainly not in the way I (and many others, I am sure of it) would have liked to see her become an A-lister. It's just kind of disappointing when a young woman with Natalie's talents rockets to fame because of films like Episode I: The Phantom Menace. She's better than that and so is Keira.
i agree, i hate it when actors do blockbusters over and over again. i think when they have their name out their and have done the blockbuster that's the point to start choosing more interesting and diverse roles, not that u cant do the ocasional blockbuster movie once in a while. but it's not like keira and natalie are just doing blockbuster types. Keira in the Jacket and natalie in Garden State. plus dont count out their previous movies. i just dont want to see them caught up in the demand of big movies and directors/ex producers etc trying to cast them just for their names so they make money and not more for their talent. sorta like orlando bloom, rite now he's doing another big movie, fastacy/historical (i think it's fiction) Kingdom of Heaven, i think's the name with Ridley Scott. In all the big movies he's a warrior, his roles where he's not Calcium Kid and Ned Kelly havent succeeded as well and some he could be stuck in the type casting situation.
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