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Well, this just happened to me today, and I thought of this thread.
I wake up this morning and go to the bathroom to do my business. I flip the toilet seat up and find it full to the brim with water and a turd. It wasn't me, so of course, must've been one of the other occupants. I search for the plunger and can't find it, so I leave it till and I can find the plunger, and go to do errands for a few hours.
I come back later, find the plunger in the basement, and plunge the toilet. Water gets all over the floor, so I clean that up and disinfect that with some 409, and then pick up the towles to go and wash them in the basement.
I walk into the washroom and find half of it covered in water, so now I have to mop all that up. I have to use a comforter and ten towels to soak up all the water.
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