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Originally Posted by gracie
tv shows- Law & Order too girl,
i love law and Order too! it's on four times a week and that's just regular tv! damn i wish i had cable cuz they play reruns none stop

hi i'm Lila from Minnesota, USA. i'm 15, i think i've been part of KKW for almost a year now. i have a brother and a sister. Go to school and all (summer now though), no sports, too lazy but if i did they'd be soccer/football and track and field (running)

movies- anything keira or elijah wood related. fight club, LOTR, kill bill, donnie darko, zoolander, cold mountain
actors- KK, elijah wood, nicole kidman, will farrell, jennifer garner
tv-alias, futurama, simpsons, sex and the city, Law & Order
music- coldplay, weezer, frou frou, gary jules, foo fighters
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