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Ashley: I try the popped collar every now and then, but it's only because I have a huge zit on the back of my neck.

I hate...

-men who wear no shirts in public
-this girl in my film class because she seems to know more about movies than I do
-beans and vegetables
-california's intense heat
-teen pop stars
-low riders (they're ugly)
-big booties (maybe it's the white part of me)
-my mexican neighbor who often feels the need to mow his backyard at six in the morning
-people who do nothing but fiddle around with their cars
-O.C. looking dudes (I don't mind the girls, of course)
"As a human being, I don't suppose I have any real individuality. I'm the people I've met; I'm a mixture of everything I've ever read or seen. I'm everyone I've ever loved."
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