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- French classes... or language classes in general really.
- Professors who don't make anything make sense.
- Know-it-all's
- people who kiss ass constantly
- people who think they're funny and aren't ever
- people who think they're clever
- people who bitch about TV movies because they say they're too cheesy, predictable etc... of course they are, they're a friggen TV movie, take it for what it is!
- losing things like a student ID, bus pass, drivers license
- people who think that they have the best taste in everything
- people who are mean to be mean
- POPPED COLLARS, that trend needs to
- employees at Express who as soon as I walk in ask me what I'm looking for, and when one leaves another comes up and asks the same thing (Seriously happened at least 7 times in a 20 minute browse.)
- clothes that I love but because I'm a broke ass student I can't afford
- having no money to spend on many fun things because I have to save every penny for one big fun thing that's far off
- having a low paying, unrewarding job
- gas prices

I have to stop, I'm getting depressed.
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