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Originally Posted by Kelsey
Hasselbrad, what is gas like in your neck of the woods since Katrina? My dad was telling me in California it rose 18 cents in one day to a record high, and in Georgia it*s up to six dollars. Fuck, I left just at the right time.
Regular's hovering around $3.00 a gallon. I lucked out and filled up with premium at $2.999 a gallon the other night. Georgia's woes were caused by a rush on the pumps and some unscrupulous station owners. In Stockbridge, which is south of Atlanta, a station was charging $6.07/gallon for premium.
Sonny Perdue, the governor of Georgia, has stepped in and is forgiving $0.15 a gallon in taxes for the time being and they are going after the price gougers. Florida has legislation that prevents stations from raising prices without showing just cause, i.e. invoices with a cost increase.
And Flightfreak's right, it's still more expensive in France.
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