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Originally Posted by Flightfreak
It's Naive to follow one scientist’s opinion with closed eyes, there are enough others who do believe that it has an influence on it.
They are maybe correct on the fact that nobody can actually prove black on white that global warming has an influence on it, but they can’t prove that it has not and influence on it either.
I rather believe it does have an influence on it, because the things that "would" cause global warming are bad for people, and the environment anyway.
There are plenty of scientists that say the same thing. I used Dr. Gray as an example because he is recognized as the foremost in this field. So much of what the theory of global warming is based on happens to the Earth's atmosphere naturally, in cycles.
I don't doubt man's effect on the environment. We've polluted rivers, lakes and oceans. We're filling up landfills with garbage that will be around long after we're gone. I fully support the use of cleaner burning fuels. I'd love nothing more than to see us start using Ethanol on a large scale. I detest government interference, but if Congress decided to lift anti-trust laws for a week, get all of the oil companies together and say "you will produce ethanol, figure it out so that you can still turn a profit", I'd be all for it.
However, I also understand that there is a tremendous amount of political pressure from groups whose aim aren't necessarily a cleaner environment pushing much of this "science". And, there's plenty of pressure from entities that say we have no effect on the environment on the other side of the fence. I fall somewhere in the middle.
Politicizing the incredible tragedy that has taken place along our Gulf coast the way Robert Kennedy, Jr. did is a classless, utterly reprehensible act. And, it's precisely this sort of shrill, political rhetoric that will cost the Democrats the presidency in 2008.
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