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Originally Posted by hasselbrad
"There is absolutely no empirical evidence. The people who have a bias in favor of the argument that humans are making the globe warmer will push any data that suggests that humans are making hurricanes worse, but it just isn't so," said William Gray, a Colorado State University meteorologist who is considered one of the fathers of modern tropical cyclone science and who sharply questions Emanuel's conclusions.

"A lot of my colleagues who have been around a long time are very skeptical of this idea that global warming is leading to more frequent or intense storms," Gray said. "In the Atlantic, there has been a change recently, sure. But if you go back to the 1930s, you see a lot of storms again. These are natural cycles, not related to changes in global temperature. I can't say there is no human signal there, but it's minute."

"It's a terrible paper, one of the worst I've ever looked at," said Gray

Shaky data and a lack of empirical evidence (due mostly to small data samples) seems to plague your arguments at every turn.
It's Naive to follow one scientist’s opinion with closed eyes, there are enough others who do believe that it has an influence on it.
They are maybe correct on the fact that nobody can actually prove black on white that global warming has an influence on it, but they can’t prove that it has not and influence on it either.
I rather believe it does have an influence on it, because the things that "would" cause global warming are bad for people, and the environment anyway.
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