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Originally Posted by Kelsey
I refuse to live with people for these exact reasons.
They can't be trusted.
I knew a kid who lived with his cousin when I was in college. The kid I knew went to school full time and worked at Kinkos, while his cousin was supposed to be in school, but unbeknownst to anyone, had dropped out. Anyway, my friend kept paying his rent at the office every month and the cousin didn't. And, since he wasn't in school, he was always around to snatch the late notices off of the door so my friend wouldn't know what was going on.
One day, he's riding his bike home from work and he notices a shirt on the ground that looks like one of his. He keeps riding until he notices something gold out of the corner of his eye. He looks, and sees it's a weight from a set of barbells. His set of Gold's Gym barbells. Suddenly, he notices that all of this shit in the ditch is his. While he was at school and work, his cousin had packed up and left, leaving his things to be thrown on the curb when the apartment evicted him.
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