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Right, here's another story.

One of my housemates recently moved out, and we aren't too sad about it. Said girl would wake us in the middle of the night (3am was normal) with her moaning and sighing, obviously enjoying her time with the boyfriend. She'd wake us at 8am too, after which she and her boyfriend would come down to the kitchen wrapped in a blanket together. Yes, that's just the blanket for the two of them. Did I mention it was a classy leopard print?

Now, you don't understand just how loud she was. She was loud enough to be heard in the kitchen. There is a room between her room and the kitchen. Two walls and two doors. Yet we could hear exactly what a good time she was having while eating our breakfasts in the morning. The girl had sex at least twice a day. I shouldn't fecking know that!

When we finally got over our embarrassment and confronted her, her reply was "Oh, yes *giggle* yeah, some other people told me too." There was no reasoning with her really. Also, her boyfriend loved to wear his hair in two pigtails. That's one on top of his head, and one at the back. Eejit.
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