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Originally Posted by Ranman
Brad where I live is a die hard Republican stronghold. Even my dad
Is a strong Bush supporter and he is cursing Bush. I agree the prez
has limited control over gas prices, but I don't see him doing anything
about it. People are blaming him around here. I saw a taxi driver with
a tear in his eye while gassing up yesterday. Alot of people
are gonna have a hard time just to make a living.
What this all adds up to in my opinion is
President Hillary Clinton in 2008.
How does that grab you brad?
Sounds like four more years of Republicans.
What can he do? He's releasing oil from the federal reserves to help fend off a supply crisis. If the tree-hugging, non-crying cheese eating dirtbag hippie environuts would stop fighting more refineries and drilling, we wouldn't have this dependency problem. Pissed off at high gas prices? Punch a hippie and take his hacky sack.
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