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2 years ago, my rather large friend, being slightly (read terribly obnoxious) one evening while drunk, broke the hinges of my door by aimlessly throwing a fire exinguisher at it. Good times, considering in shared student accomodation with unsecured firedoors in between each block, the chances of something being stolen is almost guaranteed.

A couple of days later, said housemate gets carried home after a night out, having been rohypnol'ed. Being a cheap bastard, it appears that he picked up a random drink while he was pissed thinking that he'd swipe it and have a drink for free. Karmic justice, fucker. Although to be fair, while he doesn't remember a thing, I remember the stuggle of helping to carry his dead weight 16 stone bulk up 2 flights of stairs.
You have to be grateful that he probably stopped a girl from getting raped. But I very much doubt that he had any noble intentions, if in fact any thoughts at all at this point.

More stories when my memory wakes up
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