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The Moon

I ask thee, moon, who shines at night,
“Why dost thou show a stolen light?
Why must thou hide behind the clouds
And creep behind the misty shrouds?”

Thou hast a light that is not thine:
A void of warmth, a shade of shine.
Thou look’st upon the whole of earth:
What dost thou care of gloom or mirth?

I see within thy dark exchange
An emptiness that cannot change;
As full and bright thou art this eve,
No other light could mourn or grieve.

The stars are gone from where I lay,
And still thou art the one to stay.
I see thy face in sad despair,
As one thy face would feelings share.

But never have I seen thee cry;
No tears are witnessed in the sky.
The clouds, they hide thy painful drops
But leave when once the sadness stops.

Why art thou paler than a ghost,
Still with a loneliness to boast?
Dost thou the clearest sky still haunt?
Dost thou thy stolen gift still want?

Does age remake a lover’s lull –
An emptiness that was, now full?
Or does it leave without a tear,
Forever darkness e’er to fear?

Is that the reason thou hast light?
Thy own was taken in the night?
And now thou art my only friend,
For now I feel a similar end.
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