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Room/Housemate Funnies

Right, so for the sake of anonimity I wont mention any names in the upcoming story, but its just so funny that I have to share.

A housemate of mine, we'll call him A, got a hamster. Now, this hamster, being male, has gigantic balls. I've had heaps of hamsters, male hamsters just happen to have balls that combined make up the size of their heads. My housemate's friend (B) obviously hasn't had hamsters before, and figured she'd google the massive balls to be sure nothing was wrong with him.

She uses my housemate's computer to google the 'problem'. Type 'h' for hamster and what do you find in the drop down menu? Hot boys! Hee. Turns out friend A has been watching loads of gay porn. B told this story to my friend C while they were sitting in the kitchen and A was slowly turning a nice shade of beetroot. A's one of those people who always feel the need to cuddle every girl within reach, so this comes as quite a surprise. I'm also fairly certain A and B have been sleeping together, which adds to the surprise. A also insists that he's straight as an arrow.

Why do I think this is so funny? How ironic is it to be 'caught' watching gay porn because your hamster has bigger balls than you do?! As far as manliness goes, this bloke got beaten by his hamster
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