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Originally Posted by frodo1511
The Last Samurai

So pissed Ken Watanabe did not get best supporting actor in 2003.
I enjoyed The Last Samurai. It was a surprise hit for me.

Blood Alley (1955) Good movie starring John Wayne and Lauren Bacall.

Thoroughbreds Don't Cry (1937) One of Judy Garland's early films starring opposite Mickey Rooney. It's a nice "G" movie, with some good comic bits. It also features a nice song sung by Judy called "Got a Pair of New Shoes". Co-stars Alfred E. Green and Ronald Sinclair.

Listen, Darling (1938) Another one of Judy's early films, and a nice one at that. It's about two kids, Pinkie and Buzz, who kidnaps Dottie (Pinkie's mother) in their family trailer with the hope of finding her a husband both she and Buzz would like. Co-stars Mary Astor.

The Pirate (1948) A swashbuckling gem starring Gene Kelly and Judy Garland. Kelly plays an actor who falls in love with Judy's character who's engaged to be married. As always, great musical numbers performed by Kelly. The movie is weak in some parts, but the acting by both Garland and Kelly and the direction by Vincente Minelli saved this film.

In The Good Old Summertime (1949) Probably one of the best romantic comedies I've seen in my life. The story follows both Andrew and Veronica (played by Van Johnson and Judy Garland) as they display a constant hatred to each other, but secretly engaged in a romantic anonymous relationship through their local post-office. Co-stars Buster Keaton.

Easter Parade (1948) The best film I've seen starring Fred Astaire. Originally, the lead was offered to Gene Kelly but was given to Astaire at the last minute because Kelly busted his ankle. Regardless, he was great in it. And with Garland alongside... you can't go wrong.

The Harvey Girls (1946) The weakest entry of all the Judy Garland films I watched during TCM's 24-hour marathon. It wasn't entirely bad per say, it just simply lacked what the others had. The songs and dance sequences were more or less forgettable, in my opinion, and the role for Judy wasn't particularly interesting to begin with. She looked great, but she could've been used better. Garland has been known to upstage anyone, and she clearly didn't in this film.

Life Begins For Andy Hardy (1941) This is my first Andy Hardy film I've seen, out of order too, but that didn't matter because it was great. Rooney and Garland are amazing together, and these films are the sparkling examples. It's so 'friendly' in a way you can easily see why these movies were always a success at the box-office during that time. Great movie for any age. Co-stars Lewis Stone and the beautiful Patricia Dane.

Firefox (1982) I don't like aerial combat films. I wouldn't say it was boring, but someone who has no interest in the story, like me, will find it kinda lousy. Up until I saw this movie, I strongly believed I can watch Clint Eastwood in almost anything. That was a swift kick in the groan. Eastwood also directs.
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