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Lauren Bacall marathon on TCM... I watched a few.

The Cobweb (1955) It's not about spiders, it's about drapes. Drapes!! Drapes in a psychiatriatic ward no less. Not even Lauren Bacall could save this, but I found it as a nice way to waste 130 minutes of my time. Co-stars Richard Widmark.

Confidential Agent (1945) Decent movie. One of Lauren Bacall's early films and she looks lovely. It takes place during the Spanish Civil War as a man travels to England where he meets quite a few people that prove to be a threat to him. Stupid story really, but I got the basic jest of it and somewhat enjoyed what it had to offer. Co-stars Charles Boyer.

Bacall on Bogart (TV - (1988)) A nice little tribute to Humphrey Bogart hosted by Lauren Bacall. Includes many interviews from people who are dead now.

Private Screening's: Lauren Bacall (2005) Hosted by my TCM mentor Robert Osbourne. He sits down with Bacall discussing how she got her start in Hollywood, her marriage to Bogie, and what she's been doing since.
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