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It Happened One Night (1934) This is a magnificent film. I actually had low expectations because I wasn't really a Clark Gable fan and I've never even heard of this Claudette Colbert before until now, but it was great. She was great. He was great. Every frame of it. I've enjoyed several Frank Capra films already---Mr. Smith Goes To Washington---Arsenic And Old Lace---It's A Wonderful Life, and now this.

How To Marry A Millionaire (1953) I liked it. It stars two of my favorite actresses Marilyn Monroe and Lauren Bacall. Although not Monroe's funniest film (I'd say Seven Year Itch or maybe, Gentle Prefer Blondes) she does really well playing a simple-minded gal. And she doesn't look to shabby with glasses either. Good film. Co-stars Betty Grable and William Powell.

The French Connection II (1975) Not quite as great as the first one, it does rank as one of my favorite and very well done sequels. We don't find too many of those. Too bad they couldn't get back Roy Scheider for this deal, but an okay film nonetheless.

The African Queen (1951) Great movie. It's so odd to see Humphrey Bogart do the crazy things he does in this film. Quite funny too. Katharine Hepburn is amazing as ever.
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