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Always (1989) Pretty good. This aired on TCM as the last movie to be shown in honor of Audrey Hepburn as star of the month. It's a nice romantic drama with a good blend of comedy which Spielberg has been known to do so well. Co-stars Richard Dreyfuss, John Goodman, and Holly Hunter.

Constantine (2005) Bad, but surely entertaining. FX overload is what it is. The director relied way too much on how "cool" every scene should look I don't think he gave much thought to anything else. Just how many times do we have to see Keanu walk towards the camera? Did I mention he's one of the greatest actors of our time? I can easily imagine the vast amounts of storyboards this movie must've went through. As for the film itself... the story just sucks. Why did this movie even get made? It took me a long time to figure out the plot I decided to think smart and give up. Rachel Weisz is great eye candy though.

Play Misty For Me (1971) Clint Eastwood's directorial debut, though it's not great, I found the film to be very effective storywise, and in my opinion, it was executed very well. It's been a while since I've seen Fatel Attraction, but Jessica Walter is freakin' scary. Although I thought the ending was a little rushed, I found it reasonable enough. You guys should check this movie out. Co-stars Clint Eastwood and Donna Mills.

The Apartment (1960) I don't have much to say about this film except that I liked it. It was nominated for 10 Academy Awards in 1960 and won 5 including Best Picture. Co-stars Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine.

Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory (1971) Great movie, and the music was nice. I can totally sing along to it. I forgot how great this film was and it's now one of my favorite musicals. In high school, I remember someone having the nerve to tell me that I remind them of Charlie. Just absurd.
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