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mmm Chocolate

I thought I would take my 10yr old daughter out to the shopping mall in the big city for a day of fun with dad. First we ate at the Rainforest Cafe and all was groovey. Then we found "Charlie & the Chocolate Factory" with Johny Depp. I saw the original Willie Wanka when I was a kid & new Depp from Scisors Hands, etc. I enjoyed the flick. Great for kids and even old farts like me. Before the feature started, I was well pleased to see Keira in her new trailer for "Pride and Prejudice"...COMING TO THEATERS SOON.
Wow, Keira is so gorgeous in the clips I saw!
Anyway, my daughter & I had a great time watching Charlie & the Cchocolate Factory after .

Candy will rot your teeth out kid, but this movie is sweet.

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