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Platoon (1986) If this isn't at least a good war film, than I don't know what is. Like Spire said, a very good Vietnam movie. The death of Sgt. Elias Grodin is one of most moving scenes I've ever seen in a war film.

Panic In The Streets (1950) Another great movie by director Elia Kazan (A Streetcar Named Desire, On The Waterfront, East of Edan, etc...). It's about a fatel plague which is found on a man who hopped a free ship ride into the country. He is murdered towards the beginning of the movie as a result of a bad poker match, but no one knew about the contagious virus he was carrying. Now it's up to a small town doctor to help cure everyone who made direct contact with the victim(s). It's a nice little epidemic film. **Highly Recommended**

Crime School (1938) My second 'Dead End' kids movie I've seen (the other being Dead End, the exact film where they originated from). Like Dead End I enjoyed this movie very much. It's about a group of boys sent away to a school as the result from keeping quiet after just one of them hits and knocks out a man unconscious, almost killing him. It co-stars Humphrey Bogart, who gives another good performance (he also starred in Dead End, but as a different character, in fact, a villian). In my opinion, the Dead End kids are pretty entertaining actors, especially my man Leo Gorcey. It's a shame they're all dead.

Virginia City (1940) A noticed a similarity in this film that matched exactly to a scene in Raiders Of The Lost Ark, I think it's that film, where Indiana Jones sort of skids under a wagon. Perhaps that's where Spielberg and Lucas got that idea from? I'm sure it's been done a few times before elsewhere, I just haven't seen it yet. Oh, and another from Van Helsing but I don't wanna get into that. This movie also stars Humphrey Bogart, in a role I just don't get. This could be the worst Bogart film I've seen. Co-stars Errol Flynn.
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