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After loving it in the cinema, I purchased Closer on DVD the other day, and watched it. I'd forgotten how brutally straight foward and open it is sometimes! Excellent film.

Err... Recently (and by recently I mean in the past month) I've also seen Sin City, which I was blown away by. It's fantastic, and worth checking out, for anybody!

Last weekend the BBC showed The Royal Tenenbaums, which I thought was (again) incredibly good. Very inventive and atmospheric. Last weekend a newspaper also gave away a DVD of David Lean's 1946 adaptation of Great Expectations- which is very good, the definitive version, I'd say. John Mills and Alec Guiness are especially joyous to watch in it, and the direction is very much worth noting (hence the name check before the title).

That's it (I think) for the past month.
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