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i only just woke up, but the movies i've seen these holidays:

lost in translation - jury's still out on this one, but i still think it's definitely worth watching. if only to see what others' reactions will be =P

a very long engagement - lovely.

ella enchanted - forced to watch this by others. do not watch it unless you're feeling particularly braindead/ditzy. although there are some funny characterisations.

star wars ep i - the only prequel i could somewhat forgive... suddenly not so appealing the re-incorporated cut scenes were just unnecessary and stifled the flow. why does everyone say "yippee"?. midichlorians suck... but still better than the latter two, due to the lack of hayden christensen and the poor poor poor poor poor scriptwork.

saved - as shabby as the reviewers make it out to be. gets very boring and sterile after the halfway mark (preachy, too). doesn't even send-up religious fanaticism as well as others have done before it.
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