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The five most recent movies I've watched (all within the last 4 days):

Platoon - I'm sure you've all seen this, good Vietnam movie. Full Metal Jacket is better though.

Wedding Crashers - Fairly funny actually, not great, but has some good laughs in it.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Pretty good interpretation of the book, worth a viewing I'd say. Surprise surprise, Johnny Depp is weird.

Howl's Moving Castle - Not Miyazaki's best, but I'm not a huge Miyazaki fan to begin with. This film suffers from a lack of focus and very slow pacing. There is no villain in the film, no real antagonist. The film is really about saving Howl from destroying himself, but that isn't made clear until the final 15 minutes or so. The rest of the film is meandering and, while very interesting, ill-paced. Still better than most of the crap out there though, a truly gorgeous piece of animation.

Zulu - British film about a small group of soldiers holed up in a tiny outpost surrounded by angry natives. A decent film, you'll probably only be able to find it on VHS.
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