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***Caution-Spoilers for this side of the pond***

I haven't seen any movies today, but I watched The Hole Sunday night, starring some girl named Keira Knightley...maybe you've heard of her? The "holes" in the story were sort of distracting.

****Warning****Spoilers****Warning****Spoilers**** Warning****
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-Liz would have never been allowed to go home after her stay at the hospital. There were three dead bodies in the bunker, one of which was an obvious homicide and another who was impaled on the ladder Liz used to escape. I'm not a detective, but I'm pretty sure they would have had their suspicions and would probably have charged her with at least an accessory.

-Mike kills Jeff when he hears him open a soda that he's been hording. This is after Jeff has complained of severe dehydration (and drank urine). That doesn't make sense. Was he going to wait until he died to drink them?

-Skeleton key? WTF? That lock could have picked with Keira's pinkie. Faced with the prospect of death by dehydration, I doubt that lock would have stood up to much picking before popping open.

-Martyn goes to his accusers house, winds up in the river and nobody thinks that odd? They just chalk it up to suicide? Seems like pretty shoddy detective work to me.

-Somehow, I doubt that a girl who was so obsessed with a boy could pull off such a cunning crime. She seems to go from pathetic obsession to calculating criminal pretty quickly. Cursory knowledge of the delusional mind reveals their inability to see a plan to fruition, which is what happened when Mike died. If she hadn't been delusional, she could have played off beating on the hatch and then...omigosh, it opened...rather than telling him that she had the key. However, the delusional mind is also incapable of the calculation needed to pull that sort of deception off, which, in turn, makes it all the more unlikely that she would have been able to get away with the crime as she did.

I know I'm thinking too much, but it felt like they were trying too hard to pull off a Usual Suspects type of mystery; where the real killer gives misleading clues to derail the investigation.
They failed.

Sorry if I ruined it for anyone who hasn't seen it.
I have it on tape if anyone wants it.
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