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RIP Narg
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Yeah, I think I have an MP3 from Narg somewhere. And that sample he did on Pieter's mate's band's song. I think it's on my other computer, because I can't find it here, but if I locate it, as I told Pieter, I'll put it up.

I also suggested to Pieter it might be nice if some of Brendon's mates from here like himself, Liam, Parox, Jet etc got together to make a proper condolences webpage with some stuff in tribute. Clips, pictures, people's funny stories, just anything that reminds people of Brendon. Just so that we never forget.

I think he'd quite like that. Also, as I said to Pieter, I'm sure wherever he is he's having a beer, looking down at us all rather upset at his passing and thinking "Fags!". Hehe, at least that's the Narg I remember.

I must confess I regret never letting him know that I respected and liked him, or getting to know him better. What I did know I can say I did like. An honest upstanding bloke, and the world could do with more of those.

If I find any clips, I'll be back to put them up, if not, adios.

Peace be with you Brendon.