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RIP Narg
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I'm still in shock

Ashlyn told me the news last night and at first I didn't believe her. I thought it might be like, a metaphorical thing, when people say stuff like "the phone line is dead" or something. And then I thought it was a sick joke.

Yes, it's Haz, but I trust people can see from the screen name that this is a one-time-only thing. I also hope people don't mind that I felt the need to pay my respects, since, believe it or not, I was quite upset to hear the news. I was gutted, and I had to express my feelings. I hope also that Brendon's friends would like to see lots of people who knew him on here to express how they felt about him and I hope it in some way eases their loss to hear in what a high regard he was held here.

Whilst myself and Brendon, as many here know, didn't always see eye to eye, I always thought a lot of his piss-taking was just about having a laugh. The one thing you could say about a Narg put-down was that instead of making you angry and want to retaliate I often had to stand back and admire just how good he was at them. Even if we weren't the best of friends I do hope there was mutual respect. I can't speak for him, but I know I respected him and I think both KKW and more importantly, the world, are much sadder, emptier places without him.

He was the life and soul of this place at times, and I'm sure that reflected his presence in his circle of friends too. I'm sure he leaves behind a lot of people who'll be missing him terribly right now, but I'm sure he also leaves them all some wonderful memories.

A true character, and a man that will be sorely missed by all.

RIP Brendon. I hope that wherever you are you're drinking a beer and taking the piss out of us all still. Go on, I'll even let you get in a cheap shot at me .