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Ok, I was flipping through channels late this evening, and what was playing on Encore?

The Hole. I wanted to see this movie for quite some time. I believe Encore aired the updated version, since the picture was much crisper and lighter then screens I've seen online, but it may just be me.
Now, this was an above-par movie. Nothing spectacular, but it didn't suck. Performances were what I expected from teenagers, and it took me a while to remember Thora Birch from Hocus Pocus :icon_redf . Anyways, Keira's performance was neat, seeing her as a semi-dominatrix(the locker room scene comes to mind). Anyway, what everyone does to one another inside the bunker was rather disturbing. Paranoia must set in really quick over in England(I'd probably be the same way, but to a lesser degree.
Overall, a nice break from all the teen movies of America(although Wedding Crashers kicked so much ass). 8/10
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