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Drunken Danes spoil Keira's love-in

SHIVER me timbers! Keira Knightley paid £3,000 for a comfy spot at Glastonbury - and still had to deal with a couple of bladdered yobs.

The 20-year-old Pirates Of The Caribbean beauty had taken her Irish model beau Jamie Dornan to the Somerset site for what was supposed to be a cosy love-in with the occasional band thrown in for good measure.

Instead Keira ended up doing a runner when some boozed-up festival-goers went out of their way to make her life miserable.

Our mole at the exclusive Marks Bar party, which also hosted supermodels Jodie Kidd and Erin O'Connor, tells us: "It was an invitation-only event but somehow these two drunk Danish guys managed to get in.

"Everyone had been having a great night until they arrived and Keira and Jamie were acting more lovey-dovey than ever."

We're told the dopey Danes sat at a table close to the Bend It Like Beckham babe and started flashing their torches in her eyes. Our informer goes on: "For some reason they picked on Keira and seemed hell-bent on getting a reaction. They were taking the p*** out of her voice and being extremely loud and annoying."

Keira, who had been slumming it in a luxury camper van at Somerset's Windinglake Farm, turned up with her hunky boyfriend at about 11pm.

The pair snuggled up together on the chairs outside before joining pals to celebrate a birthday. But the two yobs caught sight of the Teddington-born star, and when a table near to her became available they moved in.

We're told: "Keira smiled and tolerated them at first, but when they talked so loudly over her conversation, she started looking daggers at them.

"After the torch shining incident and the rude way they were teasing her about her posh voice it all got too much".

Poor Keira then insisted Jamie and her pals leave the party immediately - and took them off to a soiree at swanky new bar Hey Joe. But the the not-so-great Danes were in hot pursuit...

"Soon after she arrived the guys who'd upset her so much at the first party pitched up. They went to sit opposite her but Keira wasn't having any of it," we're told.

"She could probably sense a confrontation brewing so she grabbed Jamie and left. She made the best of the rest of the weekend - but this definitely put a dampener on things."
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