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There is to me nothing more beautiful than the smile a girl can send you. It warms you and makes you feel good. It will even make you smile back at can't you?
But it is the whole face. Not just a smile. But the face of a girl that can turn me on. That is the physical thing with girls that turn me on.

But for me personality is a very important combo for the face of a girl. It is in a girl's face that you can read the most. The way she looks at you. The way she laughs, speaks, eats, drinks. For me personality is captured in a person's face.

But what kind of personality do I find attractive?
I have been in love with a lot of different girls so there isn't much help looking there. Even so jazz-loving Deppies is apparently common for the girls I have fallen for. A bit frightening actually.
They have to be their own person. Not forged by fashion, school cliques or anything outside. They need to be individuals.
They need to be able to make me laugh.

I could continue on but the fact is that I don't precisely know what turns me on about a girl. I am currently deeply in love with a girl and have been since december 2003 and she is the equivalent of everything that turns me on. But I don't seem to be able to describe her....sorry
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