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Last night I took the liberty of installing a trivia bot into the KKW IRC channel. We messed with a few different bots for a while and eventually settled upon our current version. The installed bot randomly chooses from its database of 5000 questions and answers, puts the question to the channel and awaits answers from the players. If nobody gets it right after 10 seconds, the system will display a hint. The system is active 24 hours a day and is located in the channel #kkwtrivia. The best way to join the fun is to join the #kkw channel as normal (see the connection instructions on the main forum page), then type /j #kkwtrivia and press enter. Instructions on how to play will appear when you join the channel.

In addition, I have set the bot up to keep track of and display scores. These scores are automatically updated after every 10 questions and saved in web page format. You can check the scores at their temporary home here. I'll be investigating creating forum icon badges for trivia gods, but don't play on your own in order to bump your score up. The bot runs off my computer and I can easily see when people play on their own.

Also, over the next 24 hours I'll be installing a few more games into the channel. I'll probably start with blackjack and poker, if I can get them working, then maybe checkers and chess.

If you have never tried KKW IRC before, now is a great time to start. Its a great place to meet and get to know fellow forum members, have a laugh, take the piss, and now - to play games. Give it a go.

See you in the channel.

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