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Mmmm ... John Frusciante. I adore him. I take it that if you like him (and Jane's Addiction), that you like the Chili Peppers as well, then?

That's who I've been listening to the most lately. I've been one of their biggest fans since the early 90's, but I just got back into them in a big way. Just bought their new greatest hits CD/DVD: great stuff; it's got all their music videos and lots of backstage and concert footage. They are truly one of the greatest bands of our generation.

EDIT: Haha, silly me. I just got a glimpse of your profile: lyrics from "Roadtrippin'". Answered my own question.

EDIT # 2: Haha, okay. Now there's something in your post about the Red Hots themselves, which either was not there before, or I just completely missed it, heh.
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